Based at Whitworth University, our student-run public relations agency serves the greater Spokane community through the creation of innovative, responsive and professional communication strategies for non-profit organizations.

Beyond the Pines was started in the Spring of 2014 by a team of just four students. Since then, the team has grown to 20 students who work together to serve four to five non-profit organizations every semester.

How do we do it?

Our student-led teams work to provide non-profit organizations in the greater Spokane area with quality public relations work, free of charge and tailored to each client’s needs.

What do we do?

We offer a wide variety of public relations services. Past projects include:

  • web design/redesign
  • social media strategy
  • branding and branding materials (such as logos)
  • promotional materials (brochures, posters, business cards, flyers, etc.)
  • video production
  • event planning
  • audience analysis