Operation Healthy Family Social Media Strategy & Flyer

In Fall 2017, we worked with Operation Healthy Family.  This non-profit organization provides resources and services to encourage physical activity and promote oral health in the Spokane community.

Our goals were to create an identity document to help OHF better communicate who they are and what they do, provide them with a flyer containing essential information about OHF and their programs and to create a social media strategy document to help them improve their social media presence. In the end, we provided them with an identity document that pulled from what they already had presented online, two flyers for both online use and for print and a social media document containing actionable strategies and resources to improve their presence on Facebook and Instagram.

For the identity document, our strategy was to analyze the information they already had online, on their social media and website, and then provide suggestions for how they could improve this and better communicate who they are and what they do. For the flyers, we created a color palette for OHF and put essential information about them on the flyer, like who they are and information about the four main programs they offer. For the social media document, we researched best practices for managing Facebook and Instagram, including best posting times, how to craft posts, effective hashtag use, and more.

Spokane Art School Website Rebuild

In Spring 2017, we worked with the Spokane Art School. This organization is a non-profit art school and gallery that teaches and invites people of all ages to engage with different forms of art.

Our goal was to create a visually appealing website that is user-friendly and engaging. In the end, we provided a fresh, modern, fully-functioning website that reflects the core elements of the Spokane Art School. We also created logo options and a training guide for the website.

Our strategy was to research ideas for web design by finding other art school and small organizations’ websites and noted elements that seemed to work well. Our approach was to create web pages that were concise, and image-based to highlight the engaging art that Spokane Art School showcases.

Link to Spokane ArtSchool website: http://spokaneartschool.net/